Privacy Policy

At we implement policies that ensure our commitment to provide 100% dependable and genuine services is fulfilled. We aim to bring you a shopping experience that is fully satisfying every step of the way. We have taken care to design our policies aligned with international rules and regulatory procedures. This allows us to help our customers get exceptional guidance throughout their buying journey and make worthy purchasing decisions. Which is why we require our clients’ respective details concerning their name, email address, postal, and other relevant information.

We have made every aspect clear about the collection of your personal information and how we intend to use it. To create a strong bond with our potential clients we forge meaningful connections through a reliable shopping procedure.

Why we require your personal details

In order to function more efficiently and provide a seamless customer experience requires your information. Here is why acquiring your details is essential for us:

  • For improving our services even further in the future, we attain your details for recording your shopping history.
  • Our customer support services become even more capable through this data.
  • Some of your details such as your phone and email address are used for sending promotional offers. This keeps you updated on all the sales and discounts you can benefit from.
  • Customer information enables us to place quicker transactions and deliver on time.

Picture Credit and Copyright

Our product images always meet the highest standards of quality to make shopping easier and more pleasurable for you. Our copyright policy is in place to discourage any third party from using our content with false claims. If any retailers, sellers, or firms are guilty of copying our content for their own promotion, consequences will be strict.

Here are the possible legal actions that can be taken if any unethical deeds are spotted

A request for turning down the website will be submitted to Google.

The personnel involved in said activity will receive a legal warning.

Inspection will be carried out to monitor fraudulent practices.

Age Restriction

Our website is designed to cater to the shopping needs of adults. enforces age restrictions when it comes to customer dealings. Only adults aged 18 and above are able to access our virtual store. Children below that age criteria cannot use it without parental consent and our approval.

Legal Assent issues this policy to warrant an excellent and unique shopping experience to our clients. Before placing an order, we advise our customers to respectfully adhere to all legal points.